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Geoscience Australia is a prescribed agency within the Industry portfolio. Our Minister is The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP and Parliamentary Secretary is the Hon Bob Baldwin MP.

Geoscience Australia is Australia’s national geoscience agency and exists to apply geoscience to Australia’s most important challenges. Geoscience Australia provides geoscientific advice and information to the Australian Government to support it to deliver its priorities. We also provide geoscientific information to industry and other stakeholders where it supports achievement of Australian Government objectives.

Strategic Priorities

The agency is focussed on the following Australian Government priorities:

  • Responsible Resource Development, including developing and promoting a prospectus of Australia’s onshore and offshore resources to maintain Australia’s share of global resource markets, and ensuring issues around groundwater and seafloor biodiversity can be managed.
  • Cleaner and Low Emissions Energy Technology, including carbon capture and storage and geothermal energy.
  • Community Safety, including mitigating the impact of natural hazards such as floods, earthquakes and landslides, and supporting governments to respond more effectively when disasters do occur.
  • Improving Marine Planning and Protection, including supporting Australia’s claims to territories and resources, and supporting management of seafloor and coastal biodiversity.

The agency also undertakes a range of activities intended to ensure that the Australian Government and the community reap the broader and longer-term benefits geoscience and geoscientific information offer, including greater innovation and increased productivity. Geoscience Australia undertakes public good activities in the following areas:

  • National Geoscience Capability, including developing and maintaining datasets and collections that support the nation to engage with enduring national issues, and increasing the use of geoscientific information.
  • National Geoscience Infrastructure, including operating nationally important infrastructure such as observatories.
  • Promotion and Presence, including operation of a popular education centre and open day, support for curriculum development and engagement with the research community.

The agency also leverages its capability to undertake activities that relate to current Australian Government priorities and that are fully funded by other agencies. GA’s current focus areas are:

  • Restoring Long-Term Health of the Murray-Darling Basin, including analysis of options for storing water underground, when it is available, to avoid losses caused by evaporation.
  • Tackling Climate Change Impact, including provision of information about coastal vulnerability to sea -level rise and monitoring of forestation/deforestation in the region.
  • Official Development Assistance, including support for the Mining for Development Initiative and for increasing disaster resilience of countries in the region.

Topic contact: clientservices@ga.gov.au Last updated: September 26, 2013