Geodesy and Global Navigation Systems

Basics - Geodesy and Global Navigation Systems

Learn about geodesy and global navigation systems and how they are applied.

Geodetic Techniques

A variety of geodetic techniques are applied by Geoscience Australia and others in this field.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Networks

View GNSS station galleries, station logs and information on the different operators around Australia.

Geodetic Datums

Find out about datums as well as their different purposes and Geoscience Australia's role.

Regulation 13 Certificates

Find out how Geoscience Australia provides a free service to obtain Regulation 13 Certificates.

Asia-Pacific Reference Frame

To create and maintain an accurate geodetic framework to meet the growing needs of industries, science programs and the general public using positioning applications in the Asia-Pacific region.

AUSPOS - Online GPS Processing Service

View a free online GPS data processing service provided by Geoscience Australia.

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