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Teacher Resource Booklets

These booklets are intended to provide information for both Science and Geography teachers to support their work with students in both upper primary and secondary settings. Teachers should evaluate the student activities to ensure that they are appropriate.

Earthquakes - Teacher notes and student activities
This booklet focuses on earthquakes including their causes, measurement, distribution and monitoring. The booklet also catalogues significant Australian earthquakes. Student activities are included, one of which is 'Epicentre Hunt'.

Weathering, erosion, landforms and regolith - Teacher notes and student activities
This booklet focuses on the processes of weathering and erosion, and includes case studies on Australian landforms such as Uluru, the Warrumbungles and the Twelve Apostles.

Landslides - Teacher Notes and Student Activities

Landslides are one of Australia’s most dangerous natural hazards and result from a mass movement of material down a slope or cliff face. This booklet explains the nature of landslides and gives examples of various historical landslides that have occurred in Australia. Student activities included.

Tsunami - Teacher Notes and Student Activities
Tsunamis are associated with earthquakes, landslides or volcanic eruptions that occur in, or adjacent to, the ocean. This usually results in the sudden movement of water. This booklet explains the causes of tsunamis, detection and warning systems. Student activities included.

Geological TimeWalk – A Short Guide
The booklet describes major geological, climatic and biological events that have occurred over time. Geological events include continental drift, the break-up and amalgamation of continental land masses, mountain building and major volcanic eruptions. Climate changes include the occurrence of ice ages and biological events include the evolution of major groups of organisms.

Other Resources

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