Our Capabilities - Groundwater

Our commitment

Geoscience Australia is committed to providing high quality, independent geoscientific and technical advice on groundwater to the Australian Government, state and territory governments and the Australian public.

Our capabilities

  • Undertaking groundwater research to inform the national understanding of location, quality, quantity and sustainable use of Australia’s groundwater resources
  • Working with government agencies to identify the impacts of development and climate change on Australia’s groundwater resources
Groundwater Advice
Geoscience Australia provides professional hydrogeological advice and information to the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, natural resource management authorities and the community.
Great Artesian Basin - understanding geology and hydrogeology
Geoscience Australia continues to be at the forefront of GAB research and analysis. Our expertise in geology, hydrogeology, hydrogeophysics and hydrochemistry allow for a holistic, transdisciplinary approach to assessing the GAB.

Topic contact: groundwater@ga.gov.au Last updated: September 2, 2013