Marine and Coastal

Geoscience Australia's Marine and Coastal Environment Group provides the Australian Government with geoscientific advice and products to help it meet its objectives for implementation of Australia's Oceans Policy within Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

Marine and Coastal Basics
Learn about marine and coastal topics related to Australia and to Geoscience Australia.
Australia's Coasts and Estuaries
An outline of how coasts and estuaries form a dynamic transition zone between the land and the sea and the key roles they play to achieve economic, social and environmental benefits for all Australians.
Australia's Marine Jurisdiction
Information on the legal boundaries defining Australia's marine jurisdiction, the United Nations Law of the Sea and work done by Geoscience Australia to map marine boundaries in Australia.
Details on the Australian Antarctic Territory and Australia’s Antarctic marine jurisdictions and how Geoscience Australia provides geoscience advice to support the Australian Government's goals for Antarctic science.
Information on seafloor topography (water depth) and seafloor mapping in Australia's marine region.
Marine and Coastal Disciplines
Details on the disciplines associated with marine and coastal research, including marine geophysics, marine geochemistry, sedimentology, oceanography, benthic ecology, palaeontology, coastal geomorphology and seafloor geomorphology.
Laboratory Services
Information on the work undertaken within the Laboratories at Geoscience Australia.
Seabed Mapping
Information on issues associated with seabed mapping, including spatial analysis and surrogacy.
Marine and Coastal Survey Techniques
Details on the techniques used in marine and coastal research, including sediment coring, seabed drilling, sonar, seismic, biological sampling, photography and video recording.
Marine and Coastal Related Organisations
A list of organisations which have a role in management of or research into Australia's Marine and Coastal environment.
Marine and Coastal Projects
Information on marine and coastal research projects undertaken by Geoscience Australia.

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